Residential Lightning Protection

residential lightning protection

Did you know that the leading cause of fire damages in suburban communities arises from lightning?


Your home’s high tech electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, appliances, and personal data devices are particularly sensitive to the powerful electronic surges produced by lightning.

Our residential lightning protection systems are designed to divert and control the force of the electrical current emitted by a lightning strike; by controlling the current along a pre-designed path, we can eliminate the chance of fire as well as damage to your home’s electronics and appliances.

We firmly believe that residential lightning protection should be unobtrusive on a home. Our installations are and either semi-concealed around the exterior of the home or fully-concealed inside during construction.

Western Reserve Lightning Rod Company is an authorized installer of quality residential lightning protection systems from leading manufacturers such as Erico, Harger, and Robbins Lightning Protection.

We’re also a UL Listed Lightning Protection Installer, allowing us to deliver a lightning protection system for your home that carries a UL Master Label Inspection Certificate. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system provides maximum protection for your home.

Here is a diagram of the components used in a typical residential lightning protection system:

typical residential lightning protection

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