Lightning Protection for Churches

lightning protection for churches

lightning protection systems for churchesChurch buildings are often significantly taller than surrounding buildings. They also frequently have steeples and spires that extend many feet above the roof.

This are prime targets for lightning strikes.

Did you know that churches and other places of worship spend millions of dollars each year on property damage caused by lightning fires and electrical surges? By taking a proactive move to protect your church structure and the equipment within, you can prevent both loss as well as both hassle and heartbreak.

As an authorized installer of quality residential lightning protection systems from leading manufacturers such as Erico, Harger, and Robbins Lightning Protection, we only use the most trusted equipment in the protection of your place of worship.

We’re also a UL Listed Lightning Protection Installer, allowing us to deliver a lightning protection for churches that carries a UL Master Label Inspection Certificate. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system provides maximum protection for your building.

Have questions regarding lightning protection for churches? Contact us today and we can help you to identify the system that is best for your structure’s needs.