Lightning Protection for Roofing Projects

roofing and lightning protection

roofing and lightning protection systemsIt’s vital to integrate and maintain lightning protection systems in conjunction with any roofing systems.

Many times, lightning protection systems are dismantled and then hastily reassembled by workers with little or no training in this type of system.

Western Reserve Lighting Rod Company strives to get involved early in any roofing project so that we can work closet with with your roofing contractor. By working together, we can ensure that there are no maintenance problems affecting the overall integrity of your lightning protection system.

You can also trust in the equipment that we use to support your your roofing work. As an authorized installer of quality commercial lightning protection systems from leading manufacturers such as Erico, Harger, and Robbins Lightning Protection, you know that our equipment stands strong along with yours.

Also as a UL Listed Lightning Protection Installer, we can deliver lightning protection for roofing projects that carry the UL Master Label Inspection Certificate. This helps demonstrate your commitment to both quality and safety on the project.

Have questions a roofing project and its lightning protection component? Contact us today and we’ll help answer any of your maintenance questions in relation to lightning protection systems.