Providing Quality Lightning Protection For:

Residential Protection

residential lightning protection
Protect your home from fire damage, electrical surges, and damage to electronics and appliances.

Buildings & Facilities

lightning protection for buildings and facilities
Protect your business from costly repairs and the loss of crucial data due to surges and strikes.

Data Centers

lightning protection for data centers
Keep your data safe from damage, corruption, and destruction with integrated lightning and surge protection system.

Roofing Projects

lightning protection and roofing
Maintain the integrity of your lightning protection system by having our trained team work with your roofing contractor throughout any type of roofing project.

Restoration Projects

lightning protection for restoration projects
Lightning protection can be incorporated in type of restoration project, and our systems can even be customized to blend in with restored building.

Places of Worship

lightning protection for churches and other places of worship
Tall spires and buildings can be struck multiple times, and a lightning protection service can save thousands in church funds from being spent on costly repairs.

Western Reserve Lightning Rod Co. is Authorized to Install:

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