Lightning Protection for Restoration Projects

lightning protection for restoration projects

restoration and lightning protection systemsLightning protection systems are not just for new construction projects, but building and housing renovations as well. Lightning protection for restoration projects is an important upgrade to consider.

For years, Western Reserve Lightning Rod Company has specialized in working with structures of any age to incorporate protection which is both secure and non-obtrusive.

You can also trust in the equipment that we use to support your renovation projects. Western Reserve Lightning Rod Company is an authorized installer of quality commercial lightning protection systems from leading manufacturers such as Erico, Harger, and Robbins Lightning Protection.

We’re also a UL Listed Lightning Protection Installer, allowing us to deliver lightning protection for restoration projects that carry the UL Master Label Inspection Certificate. This means that we deliver complete systems with products certified by UL from specifications to purchasing to final installation.

Have questions lightning protection systems for your restoration project? Contact us today and we’ll help answer any of your lightning protection questions.