Commercial Lightning Protection

commercial lightning protection

lightning protection systems for buildingsThe immense size and amount of technological equipment within many commercial buildings puts them at an immense risk for lightning damage or interference.

The potential for losses due to personal injury, business interruptions, and equipment damages caused by lightning can be a huge expense for companies of any size.

You can trust a properly installed lightning protection system to greatly reduce this everyday threat to your business, its equipment, and its data.

You can also trust in the equipment that we use to protect commercial buildings and structures. Western Reserve Lightning Rod Company is an authorized installer of quality commercial lightning protection systems from leading manufacturers such as Erico, Harger, and Robbins Lightning Protection.

We’re also a UL Listed Lightning Protection Installer, allowing us to deliver lightning protection systems that carry the UL Master Label Inspection Certificate. This both demonstrates your commitment to safety and helps protect from liability, downtime, and loss of business in the event of lightning damage.

Have questions regarding lightning protection systems for commercial buildings, properties and structures? Contact us today and we can help to design and plan your optimal lightning protection system.